Delay Pedals You Should Invest In

As a guitar player, you must know what a delay pedal is. It’s a little device which helps you transform the sound of your guitar, but also add effects, loop your session, etc. But there are a lot of great options out there, afterall – you sure want to find the best delay pedals and buy those, right? Today we’ll take a look at some great options – the most affordable ones, that still feature great quality and variety of different effects.

We will only feature ones that perform great in these areas:


Build Quality,

Versatility and


MXR M169 (Carbon Copy)

Great option for people just starting out with pedals. It’s an analog delay pedal – this type is very popular among guitarists, as most musicians lean toward analog gear. It’s also very affordable and looks great.

Line 6 DL4

Ever heard of looping? If you just answered yes, than this one is a great choice and probably the best option for you. It features all kinds of effects (actually around 15) – most of them are vintage and sure will impress you & your friends.

TC Flashback 2

No words needed for this one, but I’ll sure give you some information about it: its maximum delay time is just around 40 seconds, which we can all agree is more than enough for most of us. It’s actually a digital delay and has a looper built in – what a great little device this is!

Have any suggestions?

If you think there are some other delays worth mentioning, let us know and we’ll make sure to cover it in one of our next posts:

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