Affiliate Marketing For Musicians

I won’t lie; there is a lot of money in music. But, if you don’t know how to properly monetize your work, or maybe you’re just not as good as you think, there are still different options to make money, rather than just selling your instrumental music or songs.

If you’re one of these people, who can’t really make a living just with music yet, then you’re lucky that you came across this post. Of course, there are a lot of different posts and methods on affiliate marketing, but they don’t really focus on musicians.

Affiliate Marketing and Why Musicians Love It

If you’re new in the business world, affiliate marketing is one of my favorite business models and here’s why.

1. No Need To Keep Stock

This is a HUGE advantage of affiliate marketing over any other online business. You just send people to affiliated stores and they do all the work.

2. No Need To Deal With Customers

This is a big problem for people that make money with dropshipping. They have to respond to customers, even hire a support team, order and ship products, then even deal with returns and complaints. No bulls*it like that here, sir.

3. Advertise the Products YOU Like

So, if you’re a musician, you probably like music, right? With affiliate marketing, you can promote all kinds of things – Musical equipment and instruments, lessons, music stores in general, and so on.

So there are the main 3 tips on why musicians love affiliate marketing, and why should you care too, especially if you want to make a nice side income.

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