EuroGuitars is an online magazine that was started in 2018 by Wyatt Puglisi , a long-time musician, guitar teacher and writer. Today, we’re committed to creating helpful and practical resources for guitar players, students and teachers of the instrument. Our content is thorough, high-quality and focused on answering questions relating to guitar gear, lessons, music production and tone-related best practices.

We care about the quality of what we publish, both in terms of its accuracy, presentation, usefulness and correctness. Wyatt and everyone else who contributes articles and lessons are actually passionate about the guitar and about music. Moreover, all contributors are well-studied, professional musicians who are qualified to speak on the subjects about which they’re writing.

Refer to the following section for more information about the minds behind EuroGuitar’s content.

Writers, Contributors and Editors

Whether producing written content or serving as a consultant for a particular article, all of these folks have helped established the EuroGuitar knowledge base. In addition to their name, we’ve also listed how they’re involved with the guitar and/or the music industry. Their professional contributions have been invaluable.