Camila Cabello’s Awards

Young Cuban-American musician Camila Cabello received the most nominations for the European MTV Music Awards. She is nominated in six categories, including the best song, video and artist.

The awarding of the European MTV Music Awards will take place on 4 November in Bilbao. Camila Cabello received the most nominations, as many as six. She is followed by American singer Ariana Grande and US Postpaid rapper with five nominations.

Each with four nominations can be praised by a Canadian musician Drake and a British songwriter Dua Lipa. Canadian musician Shawn Mendes, who took home three awards last year, has three nominations this year.

This year, Camilo Cabello’s 21-year-old is outstanding. Her best-selling version of Havana, at the end of January, topped the charts of the US music charts, along with Camila’s album in the same week. Havana’s songwriting version had over 1.3 million views on YouTube’s web portal.

In August, the singer received two prestigious awards at the MTV video conferencing award – a video clip for the best video, and was also selected as an artist of the year.

Last year, Camila Cabello, a former member of the Fifth Harmony Girls’ Group, won the Best Pop Players Award from the European MTV Music Awards.

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